Hello there, coffee-addled artiste!

We firmly believe is art is for everyone, and that everyone is an artist. We also know that there’s a condition very specific to the artist: the random strike of inspiration! You could be sitting down with a friend, enjoying a conversation about whether you can or cannot describe water as wet, and an unexpected vision of utmost beauty and kaleidoscopic vastness appears! Oh, but you can’t suddenly start painting right now—it’ll be rude! Your friend was just getting to the etymology! But you need to sketch it out quick, before it eludes you—we know how ideas are, as rare and rare can be.

Well, at our little, ol’ café, you don’t need to disrupt the flow of conversation to find a sketchbook. All you gotta do is look left or right, and you’re bound to find one (we’ve got so much art here, we’re at an overflow!) If, on the very rare occasion, there is no sketchbook, just ask—a sketchbook will appear post-haste (delivered with the great pleasure of knowing it’ll be put to good use). Best part? You’ll get a chance to claim a free cup of coffee at the end of every week!

Oh, the artist’s mind. It’s a wondrous thing.

And when you pair it with coffee, darn-near unstoppable.

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