I remember reading once that a certain Danish philosopher with a long, long, unpronounceable name—Soren something-something-something (with a slash on the o)—liked his coffee so thick, so syrupy and so filled with white sugar, that those who saw him with his cup of java in hand thought he was sipping tar. People would ask him: “I know what you’re drinking can’t be coffee, right?” “Oh, but it is!” he’d say. “See, what I do is, before I fill my cup with coffee, I fill half the mug with white sugar…”

This man was not afraid of late-stage diabetes. He confronted the great unknown head on.

This was, after all, the guy who titled his books Fear and Trembling and The Sickness unto Death, among others. For Soren-with-a-slash-through-his-o, his coffee was so him. Without the boost of his tarry, sugary coffee, how could he have ever come up with such lines like, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” His experience being drinking sweet muck and calling it coffee. It’s a way to live; les artistes!

He couldn’t have philosophized better coffee, so sweet was it.

 It's how an artist takes their coffee.

Anyway, happy sipping!

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