Recently, I was scrolling through articles written in 2015 (as I often do on Tuesdays), and came across a startling discovery. I can’t bring myself to say it—too painful, almost—so I’m just going to quote the author of this article. Just promise not to shut the tab right after.

This is from Anna Brones’ article, “The Link between Coffee and Creativity”:

"Some research shows that, contrary to popular belief, coffee may inhibit creativity. When we drink coffee, the caffeine goes to your brain, and when your brain is active, the firing neurons produce a byproduct called adenosine. When adenosine levels get high, that’s your brain’s cue that it’s time to take a break, at which point you become drowsy.

Caffeine actually blocks the adenosine receptors, which keeps you feeling alert and on top of your game, even when your brain would usually be trying to slow down a bit. Because of this, coffee not only increases our energy and keeps us from being sleepy, but it helps our concentration. That’s why when we drink a cup of coffee before working, we feel like we can focus and get things done."

We hate to say it, but according to the scientists, the connection between coffee and creativity is, in fact, overblown. Wait! Don’t leave just yet—that particular correlation is overblown, but you know what isn’t? Concentration.

In short, coffee doesn’t make you creative—what it does is heighten concentration during a task—and, in the midst of all that intense focus, the best ideas are finessed. When you’re at the canvas, coffee pushes you the extra mile. That okay rendering of a human hand is worked and worked until you could almost shake it. This coffee-concertation milks that extra quart from the great cow udder that is capital-A Art. I could not have written that last sentence without the help of coffee. “Extra quart”? It’s brilliant! Thank you, caffeine. Without that doppio, I would’ve been perfectly happy to have left it as, “Coffee makes you really, really good at stuff and things. Like super good. Really.”

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