Hello there, socially-minded coffee-guzzling artist!

We’ve told you about the metal straws and all about painting masterpieces using excess coffee grounds—but what we haven’t gotten around to telling you is that, if you bring 13 plastic bottles to recycle at our location, we’ll give you a FREE Americano!

We’ve got a pretty good reason why.

The plastic bottle is the bane of the environmentalist’s existence. If there were ever a symbol that expressed, “I don’t care,” a plastic bottle would be it. Sites of great natural beauty are littered with thousands of these bottles, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. has put together a list of 9 important facts about single-use plastic. Fact #2 really stuck out:

“Humans buy about 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute in total.”

By the time you’re done re-watching the Holiday Armadillo episode of Friends, 23,000,000 bottles of water will have been bought. Only 23% of those will be recycled. The rest will act as morbid decoration at your local UNESCO World Heritage site.

Golly! —I was already down after the very first piece of info I read when googling “plastic bottle facts.” Here it is (if you’d like to be as down as I am):

“Plastic bottles require up to 700 years to dissolve.”

700 years. That’s a sobering thought. And we just keep adding to it. In 2016, the world produced 335 million metric tons of plastic.


Well, we’ve got one hand holding a paintbrush, the other a piping hot cup of coffee, and our mind focused firmly on greener future. A great deal work needs to be done, but it’s doable.

On that note, let’s start collecting those bottles!

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